Video: Problems where AI can help (Dawid Naude)

In this video, Dawid Naude, an independent AI Consultant who until recently was the head of generative AI at Accenture Technology, provides some examples of the types of problems where AI can help. It's a short video, but with a lot of valuable information shown on the main slid

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One thing we've also been doing is diving very deeply into the actual business problems where AI can help.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list. We're just a new company. We're very busy. We're continuing to build it out, but we're matching AI tools and approaches and roll-out approaches with actual real business problems.

So things like not recognizing market trends. I will actually show you an example of that today of a tool that we've built that we're working with a private equity group that they can monitor different advancements. The same thing can be for B2B sales and all of that. Things like analyzing your competitors, assessing your suppliers.

I mean, every CIO spends a lot of time, some part of a procurement process. I mean, wouldn't it be better if there's a better way that you can assess all of that and automate it? Sales, long deal cycle times, highly administrative processes. So what we try to do is first start here when a back office is such a great opportunity for that because it's the engine room of an enterprise.

So, the way an order is fulfilled within any company really dictates most of how a company operates.

I guess you have your sales in the front end. You have your support at the back end, but it's that whole process that makes such a big difference. So things like invoicing, payments processing, call center, all of that is just ripe for a lot of AI innovation in that space.