Video: Enablis Overview, and why you might want to work with them

In this video, Stuart Couchman, CEO of Enablis provides and overview of the company, explains how they operate and why you might want to work them.

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So just quickly on enable us, and hopefully that gives you the backdrop as to why we're doing what we're doing.

Our mission is very simple. It's to connect and protect our customers, and that that's all we do.

Yeah, I think clarity is sometimes a gift. We've been in existence since two thousand and six.

And, look, just in terms of today's conversation, we've been SASE certified for four years. We're sort of on our second cycle of this technology with a number of customers. And, you know, ourselves, we understand the pain of doing ISO. You know, we did that eighteen months ago and got the stamp.

So just a bit more in terms of what we do and I guess to kind of explain the journey we went through with Paul at Afford.

I think Paul actually when we presented the slide to him many, many months ago, was actually interesting thing. He stuck in my head. He looked at this and went, I'm three out of six, which what the journey we're trying to take our customers on is, you know, the first layer, which I'll expand on is we've gotta get them seamless connectivity so that the end users just open their laptop and it works. So that that's step one. Step two is then to have all of, I guess, all the lovely security acronyms in place, but effectively a zero trust architecture.

Step three is once we've got those in place, then we can actually look to put the controls in. So what data is allowed to leave your business? What data shouldn't leave your business?

So, you know, without having that all centralized, it's incredibly difficult to do. So where we've got to with Paul is probably step one, two, and three. The next phase is looking at the right hand side is now that we've got visibility of the state, how do we start looking for anomalies? And if something, God forbid, were to happen, you know, do you have the skills and, I guess, a a scale vendor that can actually deal with a proper hacker?

So that that's really where we, we're walking through with our customers. What I wanna focus on today in just the next five minutes is is those left hand three. So how do we get your seamless connectivity? How do you put the security controls in place?

And once they're in place, how do you actually use them?

So just quick one probably for this, conversation, the right hand side are just some of our other, not for profit customers. So, you know, a lot of them have been with us ten years plus. So, hopefully, just speaks to you know, we do understand, I guess, this industry and sector, but happy to expand on this with anyone that'd like a conversation letter.

So just last, two slides from me. Yeah. Paul kindly covered a lot of this off already, but why you might wanna think about working with enablers.

If you decide that Sassy and I guess this platform approach is right for you, you know, we're not naive that you're gonna have existing contracts, infrastructure, you know, the environment that you have at the moment. What our skill set is, because we've been in this industry for a very long time, is coming in, talking to you, understanding what you've got, and then unpacking each of these pillars to effectively get to the point where we do have a commercial and a technical plan to move you from where you are today to where you wanna be.

The second part is and I went not going down a big vendor session today. You know, we've worked with Paolo that underpins this technology for well, since twenty ten. So we've got the technical expertise, relationships, you know, all of that in place. And we've got a lot of track record of delivering this technology.

As I said, we've been doing this for four years, so it's not, you know, it's not new to our business.

And then the the third element is if we've worked through the pragmatic part of, you know, where you are getting a plan to move forward, you You know, the vendors obviously delivered this platform approach for us that, you know, I think delivers pretty much everything you need from a cybersecurity and network point of view. We layer that on top of the NBN connectivity so that people can connect from anywhere. Then the last pillar that we can provide and what we do for Ford is then manage that day to day so that all the firewalls, SD WAN boxes, Prisma, all lands into a central, cloud platform that we can make changes from. So as simple as if your CEO, approves access to a website, we can go into one platform, make one change, and that'll filter out through your entire environment.

But more importantly, we are actually monitoring the environment twenty four by seven. So that would flow through to our ServiceNow platform and our knock, and then we interact from the customer from that platform. So it's effectively, you know, a hands free environment if that's engagement model that you would like.

And just the last, I guess, slide just to show you what this this can look like in practice.

And this is where I think the technologies really come forward is this is actually our environment. So you can see at any point in time, you know, where the users are coming from, which security appliance they're going through, and what applications they're connecting to. So it might be Internet, SaaS, private. And then the bottom slide, if you can see that at all, is really just showing you if there are any threats in your environment, which one of the, I guess, security functionality is managing that threat, and, again, which application it's going to, which user it's from, and you can see all of this in real time. So this is a huge step forward, I guess, from where we've been as an industry.