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Do you think the number and complexity of features in traditional employee solutions mean the overheads would be too high (both in terms of cost and management/maintenance time) to use them for the customer base?


So now we're going to move to one of the questions that's been submitted by uh one of the delegates this is coming from stephen and the question is do you think the number and complexity of features in traditional employee solutions means the overheads would be too high both in terms of cost and management stroke maintenance time to use them for the customer base

So who's going to volunteer for this one let's start with you andy


Yeah as i said at the beginning and that there is that core underlying it's an identity and what do we need to do around identity in terms of managing that identity however as you say you can have a lot of employee i am that is built around hey we have a help desk with you know manned staff and sort of you know pre pandemic hero there is an expectation of oh yeah you can just go and speak to someone at the desk to hey my 2fa is working i need to reset this go and speak to someone in person i think when you're looking at a science solution there's a different set of functionality you need there so when you're looking at a vendor what you should be looking at is yes they may supply that as an employee solution but how customized is it for scion so do you have a different set of components or is it the same set of components in a different wig for one to a better world is it just the same functionality dressed up or do you have something that is actually built around a customer journey where that should be really frictionless for getting a user from a stuck state to an on stock state


All right andres


Yeah yeah and and and and and maybe that question sounds right from from from if you if you hear it first but at the end we've experienced in one of the the ventures before is that you know it's better to have all the capabilities on board even if you just use 80 because at the end it's so much more expensive to change a system if you experience that it's missing a capability which you not thought of beforehand so from our experience it's a lot better to have everything on board and yeah maybe you pay a couple of cents extra and you don't use that but a lot cheaper than missing that stuff and needing to replace all of that in when you wrote out your application

So um i would always go with the best possible solution um even if i don't need everything on that yeah it's saving on the wrong side of the of the project


All right good point Coz


Yeah i support 100 andres is saying on that in terms of looking at the features and functionalities that you may have for your internal customer employee base and then moving to your external customers and the volume that you'll be introducing there and the features you may that you may want so when we looked at our octa for example we did that horizon scanning to look at some of the features that may not may not work with us internally but knowing that we're going to be grown in the years time to two years time to introduce it to external customers all those features already there without us having to either pivot or on board a separate solution for that for that functionality so for us as an interested horizon scan try and think ahead of what you may want and look when it's in your solution now that you're what you're buying