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How do we tread the fine line between monitoring our customers to provide them with optimal service and a better buying experience without also being seen as spying on our customers at the expense of their privacy?


So question four um and we'll start with you andreas on this one which is really kind of extension what you're saying but how do we tread the fine line between monitoring our customers to provide them with optimal service and a better buying experience without also being seen as spying on our customers at the expense of their privacy


Yeah so that's that's the thing where we really really invested a lot of time before we implemented solutions is how should we handle that because at the end for us as as a company developing services for users the information what they do is crucial because you know the the amazing thing about combining eim system and our crm system is that we can gather lots of informations and that helps us directly every day to improve the product and the services but uh and as you said um we don't want to spy on the people yeah we we are not interested in you know selling their product but their behavior information to others it's a very crucial point of our product development to know things so we have learned that the most important thing is transparency openness and this is important to have that at the beginning tell the user right away that this is the information we gather that's the reason why we do it that's what we not do with it yeah and and to being transparent that actually gives the user very very early on in a process engaging with our brand the opportunity to say no that's not what i want yeah or yes i understand that i want to improve that you want to improve the product and i have to i have to be part of that and my data and my behavior is part of my product development so um openness transparency is the key for our point on on handling privacy


Yeah okay very good point

Okay andy can you expand on that


Yeah I I would build on what android is saying that yeah absolutely be open with this is the data we're collecting actually if we're changing the experience why did we change the experience what is it about you that has resulted in this change and on top of that give the user control say actually i consent to this data gathering or i wish to remove my consent and remove that data so i think giving that user control and explaining why things are happening is really crucial for getting users on board with that process yeah we are trying to build them a better experience and if we can explain why things are changing underneath them that they should be behind that



Just out of interest is this something you find your clients are doing are they are they adopting that or is it something you keep having to tell them to do


I I think there is a sliding scale on this one you have hey we just we want to build the best product possible and everything we can gather is helpful for that and then you have the sort of grading towards we need to be really careful about what pii we gather we need to be truly compliant we need to have a full consent management solution built around this so that we make sure that actually if we have this big database of user behavior that we are compliant we have users we have a way for users to request the deletion of their data and customers exist all along that scale from hey yeah our compliance is a check box when you've registered to hey i can go back and see my last year's worth of activity on the platform and remove what i need to so yeah it's a step


Okay fair enough just to throw that in there Coz


To to be honest andreas and andy have both answered exactly what i would be still saying in this particular space there's not much more to add i guess the only difference with the world where i'm coming from is that uh we're not selling a product it's more of a service so for us that data that we're capturing from the client will help us and introduce them to other streams of you know services or potential products that we want to sort of sell to them but i i i fully follow what andy and andreas have also said about the the need to ensure that we capture the consent where we're transparent in what we're doing with their with their data and how we're going to use it