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How can you combine customer identity data with business data to create new revenue opportunities?


All right moving on to  question three um and this is coming  your way coz  so how can you combine customer identity  data  with business data to create new revenue  opportunities 


Okay if i said i previously get this is  a new space for us so  when we're looking at a scion solution  we have to take into account what we  already know of our customers throughout  through our engagement  at say the wealth management space or in  the  corporate fund space so the sciom data  will allow us then when the clients are  coming in to understand  you know um what leverage the data from  their entry points for example  um you know look at their current  location when they're where they're  logging in  um on into one of our applications are  we running a particular conference in  that area and that local that we can  market and  push towards them uh do we have any  any services in that particular area  again that we can push in service  to the client

So so for us we need to  take into  consideration that and the element of  the privacy  part as well um so it's about  understanding how much  yeah how much of that customer data and  experience we can use to drive business  based on also the privacy and the  consent that we've got from the from the  client


Yeah okay uh andy


I think it's really  interesting looking at  the customer platform space to the cdp  space and how that interacts  with identity providers and i am  solution so  what information do we have about the  user even before they've logged in  what data do we have about that  particular user and their  ongoing interaction with the brand how  can we then  change the user's authentication  authorization  and access experience based on what we  know about them  hey you're a frequent customer you come  back on a regular basis  can we embed some kind of loyalty into  your access to give you access  to a premium members area for example  dynamic click  i think that's a really interesting  space at the moment 


All right andreas


Yeah  I completely agree with andy said that  so for us as an example  we have integrated the am solution with  our application  and uh with our crm system completely so  we can track uh on on  how many times users are using our  application  we write that back into their user  profile in hubspot  yeah and that really gives us  a a really good  insight on how people are using our  applications  how they are using the permissions we  have great granted them from the am  system and that really builds up a whole  information around the usage and  and the behavior from people within our  application  and that's a very crucial point for our  business model because  at the end we want to deliver more  services which benefits the users  so for us it's crucial to combine these  information with the user data and the  crm system  um and and to to grow the business we we  see a lot of new opportunities and  that's all based on  what can we what can we possibly know  about the users  and uh and that's pretty pretty  important that you have the right  platform for that one