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How do you design a seamless registration, authentication and login experience that is frictionless across all channels and devices?


Question two how do you design a seamless registration authentication and logon experience that is frictionless acro across all channels and devices we'll start with you andreas


So uh as i said in the first question by using that technology and the foundation which is a very open foundation to be honest uh it it's really important and and and capable from that system that we can use all of the mechanisms that are built there to really build a unified user journey across all of our different channels within am system so we we had a very careful look that the experience on logging in and this is really a crucial point as an entry point to all of the application uh that this can be really customized in in our corporate design into our workflows and with the set of tools and set of applications and the framework that's that's really really important and and can be done so uh if we cannot really make that as an as a as smooth login mechanism as possible um we figured out that we will lose users and that never happened with the solution we are now using here that's pretty cool


Right okay Coz


We're at the start of our journey in in this particular space um and we're we're actually at the moment building the requirements for a unified client portal so that we can offer the applications that we we use to service you know and process our our clients um so we're seeing the challenge now we're trying to understand uh whether it's from the corporate sector from the private wealth sector uh how our clients want to interact with us and how they want to access those those applications and access their data points so we have a you know number of our challenges are the the wealth of different applications with different front-end interfaces and so what we're looking for in a good uh science solution then is that front unified portal and managing that experience so um for me also some learning experiences this particular tool now is to understand others other people's journeys into that space


All right andy


Yes I I think it's really interesting what coz was saying they're about looking at how your customers want to interact with you it's looking at what channels they want to use to interact with you is that yeah i'm expecting my users to be sat at a desktop with a full browser are they on their mobile and native app i was thinking of a customer the other day who wanted to log in with a smart fridge um and if you can support a standard way of doing that login and interaction if you could write that once you have a single platform for all of those channels you don't have to go and build something specific for each of those entry points you can write that once and reuse it i think the most interesting one of these routes into the application is probably registration and that's where i see most of our customers choosing to say actually we're going to take what we get off the shelf and we're going to extend that because that entry funnel is really the first contact your customer gets with your with your brand with your product and you want that to be absolutely seamless from first land on your website all the way through to hey here's my credit card i want to buy something