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Can traditional Employee-based IAM solutions be repurposed for Customer-focused IAM solutions? If not, why not?


So let's get started and the first question that i have is can traditional employee-based IAM solutions be repurposed for customer-focused iam solutions if not why not and we'll start with you andy


Absolutely so under like that employee IAM solution it is still IAM solution it's identity so we're looking at the core identity principle there so who the user is how do you authenticate them prove that identity and then authorize them what are they allowed to access within that environment so there is a shared base of technology there between an employer IAM and a customer IAM solution however you'll generally find that they have very different focuses for an employee i am that's because we want to connect to things such as your hr solution for onboarding and off-boarding your users for a customer i am solution you're wanting to look at what does the brand ability of that lamb solution look like and can i connect that to things like my crm system to track how i interact with that user so i'd say there's a shared commonality there but their focuses beyond that base are very different so you should be looking for a platform that allows you to go deep on the technologies that matter to you especially around siam so what that total user life cycle looks like


All right uh andreas


So um that's a clear yes to be honest and we we developed a software that's purely for for for users so it's an application used in your adobe products or your microsoft products and we're using actually a standard aam solution uh for identifying all of our tens of thousands of users into our application and brand rights uh to uh over uh with the am system to the users within our application based on their subscription model and and things like that so uh yes we can do that and by using a really proven application uh that that that made made it a real ease implementation into our application that was pretty cool so yes i would say yes you can


All right Coz


I take on board what andy's saying is that the underlying base is is identical however for us we we looked at different user journeys for our employees compared to what we were presenting for our customers so for for me i wouldn't repurpose it i would build the alternative based on that user journey and the requirements that we would have which are different from how we're presenting access for an employee so using device trust and such to the data and how we want to capture the customer journey instead