Trusted Advisors

What is a Trusted Advisor?

For StrategyMix, a Trusted Advisor can be defined as an individual, who:

  • We recognise as being a subject matter expert and thought leader in their field, and who
  • In our estimation is likely to adhere to the principles of the Chatham House Rule, both in practice and in spirit

A Trusted Advisor might be a vendor or an end-user.

Why become a StrategyMix Trusted Advisor?

There are three key benefits:

  1. We will be able to demonstrate your thought leadership to senior IT decision makers
  2. You will be promoted on the StrategyMix platform as a Trusted Advisor
  3. You can "give back" to your community
Fees and Conditions

Fees apply for vendors and consultants, but not for end-users.

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