StrategyMix Privacy Policy

Sponsored Events and Videos

Your Contact details will ONLY be shared with sponsors if you attend an event or register to request videos from an event.

Event Feedback

Your event feedback will be shared with sponsors, to help us continously improve the quality of our events.

Group Privacy

All personally identifiable information you provide within a group will only be shared within that group.

Website Tracking

All personally identifiable information gained when navigate through the StrategyMix Website or when you watch or rate videos will not be shared with any third party.

Cyber Security

Given that many of our members are cyber security specialists, we take security extremely seriously.

And since that this a public facing web-page, we are not going to reveal anything about our cyber defence mechanisms.

However, if you are concerned about the security of this platform, you may use the Contact Form to request a copy of our official security policy, which we will only send you if we trust you.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

To encourage others to attend our roundtables and join the online groups and so make our dicussions as useful as possible, StrategyMix will publish and share some non-personally identifiable information.

Examples include:

  • Questions that have been asked within a group (but not who asked the question).
  • Company names that are attending an event or are participating in a group or Insights (but not the names of the individuals).

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