StrategyMix Message Policy

Member-to-Member Messages

Members can use the message function to communicate with other members.

To send a message, either click on the photo of a member or on Contacts.

Message Receipients

Members may only message other members if they are both members of the same Group or if they have previously exchanged messages.

Members may block messages from other members, either individually or as a policy within their communication preferences.

Messages Alerts

If the message receiver is logged into the StrategyMix platform, they will get an audio messsage alert and the yellow message counter will increase by one. If they are not logged into the platform, they will receive an email alert.

If you see no message counter, you have no new messages. To retrive old messages, go to messages in the member dropdown menu.

Members can switch off the audio message alerts, in their communication preferences.

Message Displays

Messages are only displayed within the StrategyMix application.

Message email alerts only reveal the name of the sender and a link to the message. They do not display the message.

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