How to Join StrategyMix Insights

To join Insights as an end-user, go to:

Click on Sign up and you'll get the form displayed on the right (image only).

To make sure you keep anonymous, which we believe is a good idea, we recommend the following entries for the sign up form:

  • User Name: Choose something obscure / un-identifiable
  • Name: Leave blank or just put your first name
  • Job Title: It’s fine to use your real job title. It will give some context to other users, without being identifiable.
  • Company: Just enter your industry. That will also provide some context.

Once you’ve completed the form, you should get a verification email. If you don’t then let us know and we’ll approve you manually.

Once you’ve been approved, then you can post a question or two, and / or answer some of the questions that others have asked.

You’ll find that the best way to get the most value from Insights, is to ask a question!

This is the imaage of the form, not the actual form

How to Join Insights