Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver

Roundtable: AI Strategies for Business Transformation

At this roundtable, the discussion will go beyond personal productivity tools such as Microsoft Copilot, to focus on AI initiatives and strategies that are truly transformational in terms of operational efficiency or customer experience.

As this is an open discussion roundtable, there will be no formal presentations. Instead, this will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and then benefit from the combined wisdom of your peers.

The roundtable will be particularly valuable for CIOs, COOs, CFOs and CEOs, who are looking to deploy strategic, low-risk but high impact AI initiatives across their organization, that have a clear path to measurable value and ROI.

Chatham House Rule

As with all our roundtables, the Chatham House Rule applies, which means that while you are free to re-use any content, you cannot associate that content with any individual without their permission.

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12:00 to 13:00 (AEST)
Friday 12 July 2024

Virtual Format

15 Places Left