Dawid Naude

Dawid Naude
AI Consultant


Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver

Friday Briefing: Getting Started with AI to Improve Back Office Productivity

This session will be run by Dawid Naude, an independent AI Consultant with a background in AI, digital, cloud, analytics, and application development with his most recent role as the Generative AI Lead for Accenture Technology, leading multiple GenAI projects for some of Australia’s most respected companies.

This briefing is for those who are looking at where and how they should start their AI journey. In particular those that want to deploy strategic, low-cost, low-risk but high impact AI initiatives across their organization.

In this session, Dawid will guide you through:

  • Why existing legacy back-office and customer support systems/processes are ideal candidates for early AI projects.
  • A proven, practical process for developing initial AI projects, drawing from real-world examples where organisations have had early success.
  • Strategies for identifying initial AI initiatives that balance risk and reward, providing quick wins and setting a foundation for future expansion.
  • Insights into the reality of AI, distinguishing between the hype and measurably impactful applications.
  • Practical steps for moving from theoretical AI concepts to tangible prototypes and implementations.

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12:00 to 13:00 (AEDT)
Friday 01 March 2024

Virtual Format

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