Geoff Boreland

Geoff Boreland
Managing Director
Evolution Systems

Michael Kovalik

Michael Kovalik
Head of Cyber Security Practice
Evolution Systems


Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver

Friday Briefing on Implementing a Cyber Resilience Framework

This is an invitation for you to attend a Friday Briefing on Implementing a Cyber Resilience Framework, which we are running between 9.30 am and 10.15 am (AEDT) on Friday 24 November, using a virtual format.

Cyber Resilience is not the same as Cybersecurity.

While Cybersecurity focuses on preventing cyberattacks and minimizing the damage they can inflect, Cyber resiliency involves thinking more broadly about adversity to prepare for, withstand and recover from not only cyberattacks but all threats to your IT systems that can disrupt your business.

In this Friday Briefing, Geoff Boreland and Michael Kovalik will step you through the SIMPLEX 6 Cyber Resiliency framework, which they have developed to help their clients improve their resilience in a way that is highly personalised to their business:

  • Awareness Stage - Cultivate a cybersecurity culture personalised to each business's ethos
  • Foundation Stage – Establish a simple yet robust cybersecurity foundation.
  • Managed Stage - Transition to a personalised, managed cybersecurity model.
  • Adaptive Stage - Foster an adaptive cybersecurity environment that evolves with the business.
  • Optimised Stage - Optimise cybersecurity processes to be efficient and business-centric.
  • Resilience Stage - Achieve cybersecurity resilience through a simplified, holistic approach.

If you are looking for a simpler, more personalised approach to growing your cyber resilience maturity, it makes sense to check out Evolution Systems by attending this demo.

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09:30 to 10:15 (AEDT)
Friday 24 November 2023

Virtual Format

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