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Erik van Eekelen
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Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver

Friday Briefing: Improving call centre quality with automated AI-driven call coaching

Most call centres record their calls for “quality and training purposes”.

The problem is that it’s impossible for a call centre manager to review every call.

The best you can do is to review calls at random and accept that a number of “bad calls” will go undetected. Unless of course, the customer lodges a formal complaint.

And the greater the ratio of agents to managers, the bigger the problem because you can manually review less calls proportionally. You can reduce this problem by hiring more managers, but that is expensive. Or you can use AI.

In this Friday Briefing, Erik van Eekelen will demonstrate Icana CallCoach, which automatically transcribes, and analyses call recordings, and then emails the individual agents and the call centre manager with recommendations for improvement. Amazingly, this system is also able to pick up on tone of voice and emotional cues..

This enables you to consistently “give praise where praise is due”, but also quickly and consistently detect and then remediate sub-optimal calls.

In a sales environment, the system will also provide the agents with recommendations as to how the call could have been improved, based on your sales methodology.

The overall result is better quality calls, which translates into a better customer experience or more sales or both.

Who should attend:

This session will address the different perspectives of your organisation and will be of value to CIOs (technical), Call Centre Managers (operational) and CMOs (customer experience). You are welcome to register up to 3 delegates from your organisation.

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10:30 to 11:15 (AEST)
Friday 07 June 2024

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