Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver

Deploying AI Marketing Chatbots to increase website engagement

Marketers put a lot of work into maximising website traffic. But what happens to all these visitors? How do they engage with you, and have a proper 2-way, intelligent dialogue?

At this Friday Briefing, we demonstrate an AI solution that you can use to design and execute a conversation flow on your website that seems real and casual, but is actually very sophisticated and constantly improving.

This would give all your visitors the chance to use a Chat-GPT style interface, to search and retrieve information about your products and services from your website and internal data sources, in a way that increases website engagement, generates quality leads and builds trust in your brand.

From a marketing perspective, you get incredible market insights from the questions being asked.

At this Briefing, we will also explain:

  • The difference between sales bots, content bots and service bots – all of which are important to marketing
  • How to design the conversation flow and create the underlying knowledge base
  • Knowledge base tuning with a learning feedback loop, for continuous improvement
  • Chatbot alerts, lead contact requests and sales hand offs
  • The knowledge base structure and the underlying Data Access Models
  • Pricing (from A$ 500 per month) and configuration options, including your choice of LLMs
  • How to get started and the key metrics to apply

Interested But Unavailable? Request the video highlights.

If you are unable to attend this event on 02 August, you can request the video highlights. Typically, the video highlights are ready within 5 days of the event completion.

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09:30 to 10:30 (AEST)
Friday 02 August 2024

Virtual Format

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